I am a photrographer specializing in Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs photography. I have been working as a staff photojournalist in one of Israel’s leading news websites – www.walla.co.il
Having spent most of my life in Israel and covering news photography there, has allowed me to provide a glimpse into Israel’s breathtaking reality, showcasing the diversity of Israeli life, from politics to religion to nature. In photography, authenticity is key. Having devoted a significant amount of time to wedding photography, I believe in the power of authenticity as a mean to recognizing our most unique moments. These special moments, which we cherish forever, define our memories. Photography, to me, is more than documenting. It is our gateway to memories – private and personal; public and collective.
In 2009 I moved with my wife to Boston to start a new chapter in our lives. I continue to explore my surroundings through the camera’s lens and capturing moments that will last forever.

In 2011 our baby girl Noam was born and nothing gets any better than that….