Noam is 3 months old

I cant believe it’s been 3 months already! The best time of my life!
I know its a cliche, but those of you who know me know what I was thinking about having kids…:) Well I’m a changed man! I had good times and also very tough experiences in my life which made me who I am, but i never felt like the way i feel now, a friend told me: “its like you have another heart…”  I’m waking up every morning with a smile and anticipation to see what the day will bring. Well, Noam is not doing much yet, but for me every thing is like magic.. There is no way I can describe the way I feel so I will let the photos do it for me… This post is photos of  Noam from birth which was the most wonderful event of my life (I couldn’t stop crying) till now… enjoy!

I have many photos from the birth, most of them for our eyes only…:)
on the way out from the hospital
Chilling on grandpa
new friends
We’re going to the ship!
Getting a lot of gifts
Family portrait
my grandma made me this sweater
look i’m three months and this is what i do