Vancouver Canucks fans game 4 Stanley cup 6/8/2011

I just came back from an incredible trip to the Canadian Rockies (awesome photos soon). I ended the trip in Vancouver and was fortunate to be there during game 4 of the Stanley cup finals between the Bruins and the Canucks.
I have to say I have never seen something like that, the Canadians really like their hockey, It’s really THE religion up there… I mean game 4…. It’s not the championship game and the streets were full with fans with jerseys and facial colors.
Unfortunately for them they were sure they are going to win this one and have game 5 on home ice leading 3-1…. well I guess they forgot about Tim Thomas…
Today is game 7 and I’m back in Boston, I really hope I’m going to have fun photos to post soon….LET’S GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!